February 2016  
Feb 8     Executive
  Board member attendance review.
  Review and discussion of proposed policy and protocols for processing street co-naming requests.
  Review and discussion of City Council Intro 1046-2016, a local law to amend the New York City Charter, in relation to posting information about community board members online.
  Other business.
   NYPD/76th Precinct
   191 Union Street
   (between Hicks/Henry Streets)
   Brooklyn, NY 11231
   6:30 PM
Feb 10     General Board Meeting
P.S. 32 Auditorium
317 Hoyt Street
(between Union/President Streets)
Brooklyn, NY 11231
6:30 PM
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Feb 17     Parks/Recreation/Cultural Affairs
Not scheduled
Feb 18     Transportation Public Safety Committee Meeting
  Agenda T.B.A.
   NYCHA Miccio Center
   110 West 9th Street
   (between Clinton/Henry Streets)
   Brooklyn, NY 11231
   6:30 PM
Feb 22     Environmental Protection/ Permits & Licenses Committee Meeting
  Agenda T.B.A.
   NYPD/78 Precinct
   65 6th Avenue
   (between Dean/Bergen Streets)
   Brooklyn, NY 11217
   6:30 PM
Feb 24     Youth/Human Services & Education Committee Meeting
  Agenda T.B.A.
   Location T.B.A.
Feb 25     Landmarks Land Use Committee Meeting
If needed